‘Our Leader the Mockingjay’ Hunger Games exclusive teaser

The new motion picture footage appeared at Comic-Con before being posted on Youtube.

Snow keeps on cautioning his country that opposing the Capitol’s requests won’t end well for renegades. Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), who was caught alongside Johanna and Enobaria amid the riotous Quarter Quell salvage arrangement while Katniss and organization got away, will assume a significant part as Snow has mentally programmed him with tracker jacker venom to loathe Katniss.

This film, due out Nov. 21, grabs where Catching Fire left off, with Katniss making another home in District 13 in the wake of figuring out her District 12 was smoldered to the ground after she and her supporters opposed the Capitol.

Mockingjay parts one and two — the third and fourth movies in the famous establishment — will both peculiarity the late Hoffman, who almost wrapped up the majority of his scenes before he passed on in February. The second portion of Mockingjay will turn out in November 2