A new creature discovered in the ocean

they discovered a mermaid in the ocean A new creature discovered in the ocean
An other creature appeared on the internet, they say it’s a mermaid.

A new strange creature is taking the internet. Can it be a mermaid?

This time it is a ghost that looks very much like a mermaid.

Upper body is similar to that of a women, but the bottom is like that of a fish, hence the idea that that the creature is a mermaid.
the body of the mermaid A new creature discovered in the ocean

Another shocker is that “Mermaid” has a very light skin color, and scales on the tail.

Many of those who saw the pictures spread the rumor very quickly on the internet with their opinion that it is a mermaid.
the whole mermaid just discovered new creature in the ocean A new creature discovered in the ocean
But there were others who said that it is just an ordinary trick.

What do you say? Does it look like a mermaid?

What are sirens?

The mermaid is a fabulous creature from Greek mythology-looking woman, with legs and wings of bird, later with fishtail, which by her songs, lured sailors to dangerous places, where they found their death.

The first documentary mention of the existence of half fish half human beings, called mermaids, is Homer’s Odyssey.

Sirens were usually three in number, half woman, half bird (or fish).

They had wonderful voices and their song attracts sailors, who, to hear them better, were bringing their ships too close to shallow water.

Odysseus would have happened the same, but admonished by the witch Circe was tied to the mast of the ship and his companions stopped their ears with wax to not hear the sirens’ song.