How much did the winner of Lazy Olympics, win?

the winner of lazy olympics How much did the winner of Lazy Olympics, win?

The winner took the money, because the organizers have been lazy to make a medal

Organizers of the second edition of the Lazy Olympics recognize that they should advertised the event, but did not bother with it. The annual event takes place in Montenegro.

Joy of the tourists! Lazy Olympics this year took place in the shade of an oak tree in the village of Breznik, Piva region. The current edition has gathered competitors from around the world. The event also attracted the interest from curious crowds.

The competition consists of a race linger under an oak. Who seems like making too much effort is disqualified. The winner is the person who continues to be lazy the longest period of time. The jury did not make ​​precise rules because it would have required too much effort. Many were not bored to watch the whole competition, because they were too busy and they sleep under the oak.

The winner received 400 euros (aprox $300), because for the organizers was easier to give money than bothering to confecţioenze a medal.