The reaction of a kid when he finds out he is live

Some people have a natural talent in front of a camera. Noah Ritter, a boy of only five years old, seems to be among them.

At a fair held in a town in Pennsylvania, USA, the boy was approached by a reporter who asked how he found the games. Excited that appears on television, the child took the microphone in hand from Sofia Ojeda, Newswatch 16 reporter, and began to chat about how he felt at the fair.

“It was great. ‘We never appeared on television. I don’t watch the news. Was great in that you’re spinning swings long and apparently dizzy.’ve Never appeared on television,” repeated the excited Noah.

Noah was so excited that he will appear on TV that there would be up to the microphone, despite the insistence of his grandfather.

Although the reporter tried to learn about how you felt the baby swings, little kept repeating that it has never appeared on television.