After drinking green tea everyday, a woman lost her teeth.

lost teeth after drinking green tea 300x195 After drinking green tea everyday, a woman lost her teeth.Green tea is advertised as extremely good for health. Consumed each day is said to bring numerous benefits, long-term for the body.

Not the same thing happened when a woman from the United States. Instead of being in good health after drinking green tea, women remained with a toothless mouth!
47 year old woman who lives in Michigan, drank green tea every day for the last 17 ​​years.

The result? Her teeth fall and she developed a rare bone disease.

American consumes a very focused type of green tea that brought in the body too high intake of fluoride. Because of this, she came to suffer from skeletal fluorosis (a bone disease that occurs after excessive consumption of fluoride.)

Doctors who have studied the case say that the flower woman’s body was four times higher than normal.

Women who drink green tea every day went to consult a physician at Henry Ford Hospital after she began to have pain and mobility problems in the areas of the back, arms, legs and hips. Following analyzes have revealed that abnormal areas of dense calcifications in the spine and ligaments arms.
leg radiography after drinking green tea 300x269 After drinking green tea everyday, a woman lost her teeth.

spine radiography after drinking green tea 178x300 After drinking green tea everyday, a woman lost her teeth.
Initially, the woman thought she had cancer, but Dr. Sudhaker Rao and realized immediately what it’s about after meeting similar cases in his native country, India.

The doctor said that excess fluoride is usually eliminated by the kidneys, but when consumed in excess is deposited in bones.

She gave up drinking green tea and, in time, will have a full recovery after the bones will “fix” themselves.
WHAT does fluoride do to the body?

Fluorine is a trace mineral found in the human body almost exclusively in tendons, bones and teeth (as calcium fluoride or fluoroapatită).

Its roles are:
– Protection against dental caries (this action is manifested even at low concentrations);
– Contributing to the maintenance of bone structure (not affect the growth but in itself);
– To prevent tooth decay and promote healthy teeth.
Excessive fluoride – fluorosis

Excessive fluoride occurs rarely but has major events. The condition is called fluorosis and is mainly due to an excess of fluoride in drinking water, or excessive consumption of nutritional supplements with a rich content of fluoride.

The first manifestations occur in the teeth, which will receive a speckled appearance (the appearance of yellowish-white spots on the enamel surface and become brittle. At concentrations exaggerated, teeth can even appear brown and bone complications such osteosclerosis and osteoporosis occur horns (exostosis), ligament calcification (with impaired function and mobility), but also increase bone brittleness.

Other harmful effects include impaired glucose and lipid metabolism and accumulation in kidney, heart, vessels, glands and nervous system, leading to serious injuries.
Benefits of green tea
Benefits of green tea polyphenols are due to about 30 grams per 100 grams of tea, which strengthens the immune system and the vitamins that prevent aging Vitamin A renews cells and the synthesis of collagen, Vitamin E fights free radicals and helps selenium system defense against disease.

In addition, green tea is an excellent antioxidant, thus delaying the demineralization of teeth and bones. Tannin it contains has the ability to attach to collagen and elastin, the effect of the preservation of the body.
Green tea is used in diets with diuretic capabilities and thus a very good drainage, and in cosmetics.
GREEN TEA retain antioxidant properties and therefore it is so appreciated worldwide, having to fight free property, responsible for aging skin and the entire body, but with heart disease or cancer.