How to be smart and destroy the plans of Estboro Baptist Church Protesters

panic at the disco 2014 destory the plans of baptist church 300x225 How to be smart and destroy the plans of Estboro Baptist Church ProtestersAfter the disdainful picketers set their eyes on a P!atd show, Brendon Urie & co. discovered a creative approach to battle back

Westboro Baptist Church—the gathering of scorn mongering dissenters who have focused on everybody from Lorde to Brad Paisley—as of late set their sights on Panic! At The Disco, affirming arrangements to picket the pop-punk band’s Sunday night demonstrate in Kansas City, Mo. They even recorded an amazingly hostile variant of the bunch’s signature hit, re-titled “You Love Sin What a Tragedy.”

This was the band’s tweet:

Today @WBCSays is going to picket us. For every member of WBC that actually shows up we will donate $20 to @HRC #pride2014

Anyhow as opposed to letting the homophobic slur-throwing dissidents take the spotlight, Brendon Urie—who is married to a woman however talks candidly about cross-sexual encounters and co. brought up a splendid idea to destroy the plan of WBC dissidents before they even arrived.

Given the Human Rights Campaign’s statement of purpose guaranteeing balance at home, work and in the group for the LGBT group this is about the ideal approach to render the dissenters’ contemptuous propositions unsettled, and raise cash for a decent cause.

At the point when Sunday night came, it appears to be just 13 parts of the Westboro Baptist Church appeared to picket P!atd. Anyhow being the great gentlemen they are, the band swore to give more than simply $260 to the Human Rights Cam

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