Trendy Wind wheel

Trends are ever-changing; to get the latest we need to be in touch every second. In this article, we are going to be discussing more about it. It is important to know that Trendy wind wheel is not an electronic gadget to mesmerize, but sighting its visual lighting is something that worth attracting attention. . It is something different, something which soars high as a skyscraper and boasts itself as an iconic landmark for the area. This is going to be future tourists’ attraction that can draw millions of visitors across the globe. Apart from this, the great thing about the object is its eco-friendliness.

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When the world sources out for different types of energy it found out the mechanism of the windmill. Windmills are objects that comprise of a giant post with giant blades on top. The object was initially designed to function based on wind force and converts that wind energy to electrical energy. However, this old technique has now been modified with the new Wind wheel, and is targeting to be commissioned by 2020 in Rotterdam. This wheel construction is done with a mixture of Glass and Steel. It is placed above Europe’s largest port by providing its foundation under water and appearing like the wheel is floating through buoyancy. The specialty of this wheel is that wind energy is converted as electric energy using steel tube framework without the help of any mechanical technique. This makes the wheel easy to maintain due to lower wearing and tearing nature of the object. The wind wheel does not make noise, as it ensures silent movement while operating. Another interesting aspect of this wheel is that, it can be disassembled and reassembled at other place.

The inner ring of the Wind wheel which will have a restaurant and sky lobby on top of it to give a wonderful scenic view of The Netherlands. The middle of the wheel will have a hotel of seven floors and at the base area will have commercial places with apartments for housing purpose. The outer ring of this wheel acts like a giant roller coaster which consists of cabins running on rails. The drive on this coaster will make the tourists enjoy a 360o view of Europe’s largest port cities like Delft, The Hague Kinderdijk at one side, and UNESCO’s world heritage at another side. The coaster’s interior is crafted with lighting and digital information layer.

The façade walls are termed as “Smart walls”. This is made of glass, which includes a virtual reality like information layer providing information to visitors about what they are viewing outside. Now that’s trendy!

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