Tulips – The power-full flower

TULIPS, as we all know, is a wonderful flower giving inspiration with its awesome colors and look. This flower shape is used as a power bank to produce power. This article briefs about the latest trend in the solar power creation and its related usage.

0003 1 Tulips   The power full flower

The latest nation to enter the list for controlling carbon emission is Ethiopia. The nation’s mission, to make itself a carbon neutral nation by the year 2025, is now getting a new face of creating power source. Ethiopia has sourced AORA SOLAR, to make a solar power generator. AORA SOLAR is a company, which produces hybrid solar systems. The Company developed a power plant in the shape of TULIPS.

0003 2 Tulips   The power full flower

This generator in the shape of flower consists of a high tower. This tower has mirrors embedded on it. The mirrors are positioned in such a way to track the sunlight that they send the rays up to the top of the tower. The top of the tower is shaped as TULIP’S petals. The flower shape consists of water storage areas inside it. However, continuous heating of the water makes it boil and produces the steam. The steam produced is in turn used to power a turbine generator and with the help of this generator electricity is produced. Each plant is capable of producing around 100KW of power. This amount of power is enough to give electricity for 60+ homes. Apart from this electric power generation, the generator also produces heat energy at the rate of around 170KW. The specialty of this generator is that it works under any climatic condition on a wide variety of fuels like diesel, LNG, biogas, natural gas apart from sunlight. The added advantage of this TULIP power generator is it uses less amount of water to propel the turbines. When compared with concentrated solar power technology, only around 8% of water is enough to run the turbine in this method since it also uses hot air to do the rest. The trendiest part of this power generation system is that it can be commissioned as separate units and each having the capacity of 100KW which can be interconnected. The separate unit feature allows the company to install the set up phase by phase. During maintenance for any one of the units, the power generation will be continuous since the other one is functioning. The function of such solar power plant is mentioned below.

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